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  • Producing Casebound Books 02-24-2014
    The sequence of steps in binding hardcover books is shown in Figure 6-1. These steps remain the same whether books are bound by hand or by machine.
    FOLDING SIGN…Read More
  • The Thickness of Printing Paper List 09-05-2013
    NameThickness/mmNameThickness/mm80g art paper0.065105g matt coated paper(Kraft paper)0.09105g art paper0.085128g matt coated paper0.12128g art paper0.105157g ma…Read More
  • Perfect Binding 09-04-2013
    Perfect binding is often used, and gives a result similar to paperback books. National Geographic is one example of this type. Paperback or soft cover books are…Read More
  • Saddle Stitch Binding 08-30-2013
    Fold the impression (cut or uncut) into several folds according to page number and sequence. The fold with multi-pages is called a signature of book-block. Afte…Read More
  • Glossy Art Paper 08-29-2013
    Quality and rather heavy two-side coated printing paper with smooth surface. The reproduction of fine screen single- and multicolor pictures ("art on paper") requires a paper that has an even, well closed surface and a uniform ink absorption.…Read More
  • Paper Weight - Let’s End the Confusion 03-23-2017
    In an effort to help eliminate the "Paper Weight" confusion problem,
    we have compiled the comprehensive table listed below.
    Now you can compare various types of paper and their "Equivalent Weights."…Read More
  • What to look for on a printing proof? 03-15-2016
    A "proof" is a preview of your press-ready file, allowing you to examine and confirm layout, text and content before your order goes to press.We rely on your th…Read More
  • What is Bleed and what bleeds do in the printing process 10-28-2014
    Bleed is the printing industry term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming.. What actually happens is that the picture…Read More
  • Relief or Letterpress Printing 03-17-2014
    When ink is applied to a raised surface and paper is pressed against the inked surface, the ink is transferred to paper, Figure 1-18. Relief and letterpress are…Read More
  • Booklet label printing Knowledge 03-14-2014
    A booklet label is one type of promotional label used for ‘added content’ labeling. These are used to add extra information to a label without incre…Read More
  • Varnishing, Flocking, Laminating, Numbering, Stamping - Finishing Printed Materials 03-13-2014
    VARNISHINGAfter an image has been transferred to a substrate, it is sometimes coated or varnished. The coating becomes a clear protective surface. Usually, the…Read More
  • Binding Printed Materials 03-10-2014
    Sheets of paper may be bound together in several different ways. The most common methods include: saddle-wire, side-wire, sewn soft-over, sewn case-bound, adhes…Read More
  • Finishing Printed Materials 03-06-2014
    Finishing refers to several operations that may be performed on printed material after it has left the press. The most common finishing operations are cutting,…Read More
  • Book Covers And Cover Design 02-27-2014
    Self CoversSelf-covers are produced from the same material as the body of the book and generally carry part of the message of the piece. Newspaper and some news…Read More
  • Lithographic Ink Problems 02-19-2014
    The most aggravating problems in lithography are often interaction problems, which arise when there is more than one deficiency among the paper, ink, press, and…Read More
  • Selecting the Right Ink For the Job 02-17-2014
    Each printing process requires the use of an ink developed specifically for that process. Letterpress, gravure, lithographic, and screen-process inks are specia…Read More
  • Color Matching - Ink Manufacturing 02-14-2014
    Many times, a customer requests a specific color other than black, cyan, yellow, or magenta on the ink required, the printer either orders the specific color fr…Read More
  • Ink Manufacture 12-22-2013
    Ink manufacturing (Figure 5-10) is complex and requires extensive chemical and printing process knowledge as well as specialized ink manufacturing equipment use…Read More
  • Printing Ink 12-19-2013
    Ink is transferred from a plate or stencil to paper or some other material during the printing process. The ink forms the image on the printed product.Most prin…Read More
  • Paper Handling 12-13-2013
    Not only must paper be handled carefully during shipment but it must able be handled carefully in the plant.Paper must be brought to pressroom temperature befor…Read More
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