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  • Producing Casebound Books 02-24-2014
    The sequence of steps in binding hardcover books is shown in Figure 6-1. These steps remain the same whether books are bound by hand or by machine.
    FOLDING SIGN…Read More
  • The Thickness of Printing Paper List 09-05-2013
    NameThickness/mmNameThickness/mm80g art paper0.065105g matt coated paper(Kraft paper)0.09105g art paper0.085128g matt coated paper0.12128g art paper0.105157g ma…Read More
  • Perfect Binding 09-04-2013
    Perfect binding is often used, and gives a result similar to paperback books. National Geographic is one example of this type. Paperback or soft cover books are…Read More
  • Saddle Stitch Binding 08-30-2013
    Fold the impression (cut or uncut) into several folds according to page number and sequence. The fold with multi-pages is called a signature of book-block. Afte…Read More
  • Glossy Art Paper 08-29-2013
    Quality and rather heavy two-side coated printing paper with smooth surface. The reproduction of fine screen single- and multicolor pictures ("art on paper") requires a paper that has an even, well closed surface and a uniform ink absorption.…Read More
  • Ink Anti-Counterfeiting Guidelines 05-22-2024
    The quality of ink directly affects the printing quality of printers. However, the importance of ink quality extends beyond that. Inferior or counterfeit ink can damage products and harm printing machinery. Therefore, companies and operators must be …Read More
  • Comparison of Heat Transfer Printing Machines and Heat Press Machines 05-21-2024
    Heat transfer printing machines and heat press machines are commonly used in garment and fabric printing. Due to their similarities in usage, many companies find it difficult to choose between the two. Recently, experts provided a brief introduction …Read More
  • Sharing Experiences on the Selection, Usage, and Maintenance of Printing Machine Rubber Rollers 05-20-2024
    1. Selection and Management of Rubber Rollers
    In response to the two failures caused by rubber rollers, the following countermeasures are proposed:
    Research and compare the product quality of several rubber roller manufacturers, choosing those with g…Read More
  • Common Issues in Plate Making and Solutions 05-17-2024
    Common Issues:
    In addition to blurred images and dirty plates, common issues in plate making include:
    1. Shallow Images:
           .Insufficient density of the plate-making film.
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  • Analysis of Ink Repellence on PS Plates 05-16-2024
    I. Storage Environment and Shelf Life of PS Plates
    Currently, there are nearly 20 domestic manufacturers of PS plates in China, and some recycled PS plate producers have also started manufacturing PS plates using aluminum base plates. The standardiza…Read More
  • The Most Effective Method for Controlling the Use of Spot Color Inks 05-15-2024
    Currently, many printed materials use spot color inks to ensure consistent color quality. In anti-counterfeiting printing, special security spot color inks are often used to enhance anti-counterfeiting effects. In map printing, due to process and mat…Read More
  • Glue Binding: Full Process Implementation for Perfect Binding Books 05-14-2024
    Cover Tape
    For the cover, it is permissible to apply tape along the entire length from top to bottom. If the book spine length is 11 1/2 inches (292.1 mm), then the cover length should be at least 11 3/4 inches (298.4 mm). Position the center, allowi…Read More
  • Problems and Solutions Encountered in the Use of Plate Exposure Machines 05-13-2024
    Correct exposure requires proper development to match. Development conditions include the chemical composition of the developer, temperature, development time, and mechanical agitation.
    Currently, plate exposure machines tend to use processes with re…Read More
  • Reasons and Solutions for Slow Drying of Products During Printing 05-11-2024
    The drying of ink during printing is mainly determined by the type and properties of the binder. There are many reasons for this, the main ones being as follows…Read More
  • Advantages of UV Flatbed Printers 05-10-2024
    UV flatbed printers are specialized equipment tailored for flatbed printing within the UV printing machine domain. They utilize high-precision dual linear guides and employ grating-controlled printhead carriages to ensure high-definition printing on …Read More
  • How to Solve Reverse Overprinting Phenomenon During Low-Speed Printing? 05-09-2024
    Reverse overprinting is particularly evident during mid-to-low-speed printing, with a significant decrease in reverse overprinting phenomenon at high speeds. The key to solving the issue of reverse overprinting lies in analyzing its causes. Typically…Read More
  • Five Simple Steps to Easily Change Colors on Printing Presses 05-08-2024
    Changing colors on a printing press involves switching the ink color of a particular unit or transitioning from regular base color inks to spot color inks. Nowadays, using spot color inks for printing is very common, and sometimes a shift to four or …Read More
  • How to Ensure the Curing Quality of UV Ink During Printing? 05-07-2024
    UV ink can be applied in various printing methods such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc. Regardless of the printing method employed, the fundamental concern for industry professionals is the curing quality of UV ink. U…Read More
  • Causes and Solutions for Flying Ink Phenomenon 05-06-2024
    1.Causes of Flying Ink
    During ink transfer, when fibers are cut or elongated at two or more points of contact between ink rollers, they form fragments that become spherical due to surface tension. At this point, the double electric layer existing at …Read More
  • Explaining Spot Color Ink Mixing Techniques 04-29-2024
    Currently, spot color ink mixing methods mainly include traditional spot color ink mixing and computer-based spot color ink mixing. Based on the research experience in spot color ink mixing for offset printing, some suggestions are proposed for spot …Read More
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